Understanding HCI

Ordering of Information

When designing an interface try to imagine the order in which a user will need information, or requests for information, in order to complete a task properly.

For example

  • When filling in forms, the submit button should always appear at the end of the series of input boxes.
  • Provide categories to help users understand how searches can be constructed.
  • Highlight labels and headers so that the most important are the most prominent

Purchasing Online

A good example to consider is when purchasing an item online. Atypical flow of information might be as below, however the interface should allow the users to repeat steps as needed without confusion.

  • Conduct several searches for the item you require.
  • Browse related items
  • Compare items
  • Add preffered choice to checkout
  • View checkout
  • Enter personal information - name, address, phone, email
  • Enter credit card details


Review the steps required to purchase a ticket on the websites below.

Which site is easier to use? Why?