Understanding HCI


What is envisionment?

  1. Envisionment is a visual exploration & presentation of key features of design
    1. allows for feedback from users and clients
    2. aids generation, communication and evaluation of ideas
    3. for different people at different stages of development
  2. All aspects can & should be envisioned
    1. concepts
    2. functions
    3. structure
    4. interactions
  3. Methods go from sketches (‘back of the envelope’) to full computer prototypes
    1. may focus on part or whole of the system
    2. may evolve into final product or be re-engineered

Why Use it?


  1. what the client wants
  2. the PACT of the project
  3. the user, what the user does, what the user needs and context of use


  1. with the client,
  2. users,
  3. colleagues,
  4. designers,
  5. evaluators,
  6. ethnographers,
  7. programmers
  8. may be geographically dispersed groups / different cultures

Evaluating and selecting design solutions

  1. possible requirements
  2. possible design solutions

Can Include

  1. Restate requirements of client
  2. Scenarios of use - ‘stories’ about potential use
  3. Mood boards- helps to generate look and feel of system
  4. Storyboards - showing steps in interaction
  5. Navigation maps - showing logic and flow
  6. Prototypes - bring it to life