Understanding HCI

Provocative Installations

What is A Provocative Installation?

Installations are typically found in artistic environments. The idea here is similar, but where an artist has a meaning to convey via the installation, in this case its purpose is to evoke public response which can be analysed for verbal and emotional response and reasoning. Demonstrations of the installation can be filmed and questionnaires handed out to complete the information gathering.

Results from this kind of investigation are centred on people’s attitudes to technology. This can be a useful investigation to undertake if designing a potentially controversial piece of interactive device.

Why Use it?

Used to provoke debate about the use of new technology and to explore issues surrounding accepted limits, the willingness or not to accede rights to privacy and integrity of surroundings and the resultant ethics of justice and revenge as rationale.

Limitations Of method

It touches on but does not explore fully social interactions regarding the device.